2024 Aesthetic Industry Trends


As we step into 2024, the world of aesthetic treatments is changing, both for practitioners and clients. Practitioners are preparing for changing laws, whilst client behaviour is shifting towards more non-surgical tweakments that don’t require any downtime and provide natural looking results. This blog aims to be your guide through the upcoming aesthetic treatment trends that promise to redefine the standards of beauty and self-care. Join us on a journey to explore the latest trends set to make waves in the aesthetic landscape this year. Get ready to embrace a new era of beauty that seamlessly blends non-invasive procedures and industry breakthroughs.


Combination Treatments

Our lives are busier than ever before and clients are struggling to find the time to keep up with their beauty treatment needs. Combination treatments offer multiple benefits, without the need to book multiple separate appointments. Clients are looking for new ways to get the best results in a short amount of time.

As a practitioner, you can prepare by utilising a device such as the Medii Sculpt, offering 30+ treatments, all combined into just one revolutionary device. From the unique Brazilian Facial Lift+, to the signature Brazilian Booty Lift, the Medii Sculpt machine allows you to maximise your profits for each client and appointment. To take things a step further, add ons such as our Sauna Blanket can not only offer their own detoxification benefits, but they can also help to speed up the results of any body treatments.


Non-surgical Rejuvenation

As seen in Aesthetic Medicine, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Zainab Laftah states that “Patients are increasingly seeking non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for their neck, hands, décolletage, and abdomen. Polynucleotide skin boosters, hybrid dermal fillers and energy-based devices are paving the way for non-invasive treatments targeting these delicate areas with minimal downtime”.

At Brazilian Booty Lift, we have multiple devices available to suit your business and financial needs. All our devices can be used across multiple areas of the body for non-surgical rejuvenation, with the Medii Sculpt providing additional heads for use on the face or superior cellulite reduction, whilst the Medii Tone provides additional muscle toning by stimulating 25,000 supermaxial muscle contractions in just a 30 minute treatment.


Advanced Home Self-care

Whilst beauty buffs will always seek to achieve more elevated results in a professional setting, allowing your clients to continue to improve their treatment results at home will allow them to achieve even more impressive results, without needing to encroach on their busy schedule. Our LipoLean Slimming Oil can be used in-salon as a treatment add-on, as well as being upsold to your clients with a take home kit. Our Rebooty Cellulite Gel and Peaches & Gleam Booty Mask are also available for our stockists to purchase at a reduced rate to retail to their clients.


Sustainable Weight Loss

Out are the days of crash diets and quick fixes. People are moving more towards seeking out sustainable weight loss solutions, delivering impressive results that they can maintain as the years go on. With Brazilian Booty Lift, initial results from treatments can be seen immediately, however we would always recommend a course of 5 treatments for the full effect. Results are permanent if a healthy lifestyle is maintained, although many clients opt for maintenance treatments every 6-12 months for that extra boost.


Are you looking to start your non-surgical career, switch your current device to Brazilian Booty Lift, or upgrade your existing Brazilian Booty Lift machine? Schedule a call with our always friendly Business Development Managers today!

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