In our latest blog, we delve into the realm of non-invasive aesthetic treatments that have become the go-to celebrity secrets for enhancements. From sculpted features to toned booties, celebrity elites are embracing cutting-edge technologies that offer transformative results without the need for surgery. Join us as we unveil the most coveted treatments, spill the tea on celebrity favourites, and explore how these non-invasive procedures are revolutionising the beauty industry. Get ready to discover the insider scoop on the non-surgical wonders that keep our favourite stars looking effortlessly flawless.

Tanya Bardsley has Brazilian Facial Lift+ and Brazilian Booty Lift treatments

Non-surgical Face Lift

Many celebrities used to be the first to jump on the latest plastic surgery trend, however now, many are reversing the results of these invasive procedures and opting for non-invasive treatments. The Brazilian Facial Lift+ treatment, using our Medii Sculpt device, is a unique treatment that we spent years creating at BBL HQ. It offers facial rejuvenation and sculpting, with absolutely no downtime! Results can be seen immediately, with the full, long-lasting effect being seen after a course of 5-6 treatments.

In 2023, we had Real Housewives of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley join us for some non-surgical rejuvenation. The in-depth one and a half hour Brazilian Facial Lift+ treatment is dedicated to contouring, sculpting and defining your natural facial features, whilst rejuvenating and resurfacing the skin. Combining Ultrasonic Cavitation, Quad Polar Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction, this treatment will target stubborn areas of fat whilst providing powerful anti-ageing benefits and boosting lymphatic drainage. The results speak for themselves!

Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox are turning to non-invasive treatments

Non-surgical Inch Loss

Stars including Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox have been known to utilise non-invasive treatments that provide fat burning and inch loss in as little as a 1 hour treatment. Our Medii Shape, Medii Sculpt and Sculpt 102 devices all provide LED Laser Light Therapy with Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction to create instantaneous results, with a full course of 5 treatments showing the full effect of the treatment. With no downtime, these non-surgical tweakments can be used across the body, either to target specific areas or for a full body result. If it’s good enough for J-Lo, it’s good enough for us!

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to non-surgical treatments

Toning Boost

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a fan of trying out the latest trending treatments, and muscle toning is no different. Whilst our Medii Sculpt, Sculpt 102 and Medii Shape devices can provide inch loss, our Medii Tone device takes the next step into toning the muscles, to give an even more impressive result.

The process involves the stimulation and contraction of the muscles, using revolutionary technology to build and sculpt the muscles which is the equivalent to 25,000 supermaxial muscle contractions in just a 30 minute treatment, whilst also burning unwanted excess fat. Medii Tone can be used alone or in conjunction with our body contouring machines (the Sculpt 102 or Medii Shape), or our face and body contouring machine (the Medii Sculpt) for the ultimate contour and tone. If your clients are looking for that extra firmness in their physique, the Medii Tone is the device for you!

Victoria's Secret model Erin Wasson has been known to use body wraps to get her runway ready

Body Wraps & Advanced Self-care On the Go

Celebrities lead busy lives just like us. Being able to continue their self-care on the go and enhance or maintain the results of their in-clinic treatments is paramount, which is where products like LipoLean Body Wraps come in. Victoria’s Secret model Erin Wasson is no stranger to a body wrap, opting for this non-invasive treatment to get runway ready in days, with minimal downtime.

Our new LipoLean Slimming Oil & Body Wraps have been selling out consistently, and it’s not hard to see why! Perfect for use in-salon, LipoLean is also available to purchase as a Home Kit, so you can upsell to your clients with a retail product that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Both the Professional and Home Kits come with our ‘It’s A Wrap’ Osmotic Body Wrap, Body Brush, LipoLean Slimming Oil and more. The LipoLean™ weight loss oil wraps harness an advanced and clinically studied formulation to help in tightening your skin, detoxifying the body and ensuring a smoother, more toned appearance. Results can be seen in as little as 5 days, and can be further advanced with the use of our Sauna Blanket.


Are you looking to start your non-surgical career, switch your current device to Brazilian Booty Lift, or upgrade your existing Brazilian Booty Lift machine? Schedule a call with our always friendly Business Development Managers today!

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