Join thousands of students who are now expert in body shaping and contouring using our innovative proven devices, methods, and techniques creating jaw dropping results.

Work with an established worldwide recognised brand that will support you on your new venture as an aspiring body contouring practitioner in the process of becoming experts in this in demand and lucrative career field.

Here at Brazilian Booty Lift, we are the UK’s leading training providers in non-surgical non-invasive body contouring and body shaping treatments and we have supported thousands of students on their journey which has transformed their life and their business.

Our fully comprehensive training courses delivered both though our online platform and face to face academy training ensures that the standard of teaching is exceptionally high meaning you will leave our academy full of confidence in preforming your body contouring treatments using the exclusive Brazilian Booty Lift Machine.

Regardless of your previous training or qualifications you can train in non-surgical body contouring using our fully accredited and CPD recognised access courses which must be completed online prior to your training with us.

You may have researched how to train in Brazilian butt lift or train in Brazilian bum lift but these are both surgical procedures that are extremely risky and dangerous and must be performed by a qualified surgeon.

Training in Brazilian Booty Lift does not require any previous qualifications and the results from this non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring have been directly compared to its surgery alternatives Brazilian butt lift and Brazilian bum lifts before and after results with our results surpassing the surgery alternative with no side effects, no risks and minimal downtime. You can see why the Brazilian Booty Lift technology and techniques have taken the world by storm and they now provide body contouring training in USA, Europe, Dubai and Australia.


Our training Academy based in Manchester UK is a professional and friendly environment, our tutors have many years experience in the field of non-surgical treatments.

We have specially designed our facilities and resources to provide an industry-specific learning environment for all who want to learn non-surgical body contouring techniques to a high standard.

With the highest standards for training and education, Here at Brazilian Booty Lift we are invested in their customers even beyond the point of sales. As an advocate for this safe, effective treatment, we look forward to sharing success and empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs so that they can create a living for themselves.

We pride ourselves on delivering training in small, intimate groups. Our tutors create a friendly, warm and relaxed environment for you to feel comfortable in and are always on hand to offer support and answer any questions you may have.

Our courses in body sculpting are not only perfect for those who are total beginners, looking for a beauty course to help with a new career, but also existing salon owners wanting to add a new treatment into their salon and ramp up their profits.

If you have any questions with regards to what support you will receive, aims or objectives, before you embark on a course, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you so that we can be sure that you do the right course for you or check out of Q&As below.